Sunday, April 30, 2006

La bandera de las estrellas

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Spanish US anthem raises hackles

The American right wing conservatives are causing an almighty hoo haa about the fact that someone has had the nerve to translate their anthem into a language other than English. How dare they! even the almighty leader of the free world himself weighed in with his two pennys worth saying that the anthem should be sung in English and anyone coming to live in his country shoud learn the language.

The irony here is that back in 1919 the US department of education (obviously a subversive organisation hell bent on bringing down the country) actually published a spanish version of the song. Not only that but a bunch of lilly livered liberal librarians at the library of congress actually had the gall to publish it on their web page here.

Well, just to be a renegade... Here is God save the Queen in Dutch:

De god sparen onze verfijnde Koningin
Long leeft onze edele Koningin,
God sparen de Koningin:

Verzend haar victorious,
Gelukkig en glorious,
Lang om over ons te regeren:
De god redt de Koningin.


AAronette said...

You didn't really think that I wouldn't find you, despite moving, did you?
I like the new set-up and did you know that tea was discovered around 2737BC, by a Chinese Emperor?
Another useless fact, of which I have many!

Hungry Teapot said...

Thanks, my first comment!

welcome to my new home, I'm glad you like it.