Saturday, May 06, 2006

Looking for a job

I have been unemployed now for 5 months, it's really starting to get me down. I am trying to make a change from my previous career as a theatre technician (Since it is very difficult to find work in this field where we currently live) to something else. I have sent out lots of application forms for all kinds of jobs.

I started out looking mainly for admin work, as this was mostly the sort of work I was doing in the states, but I don't seem to be able to find that sort of work here. I am now starting to submit applications to shops etc., but have so far had very little luck.

I have a diploma and an undergraduate degree in theatre related disciplines, but this is not a lot of use for work in other areas.

I do have some pretty advanced computer skills, but no formal qualifications (other than a GCSE in computer studies). I would love to get into that field, but that is not possible without re-training. I am considering starting an MSc in Computer Science, but this will involve parting with lots of cash, which I don't have because I don't have a job. It's a vicious circle really!

Anyway, I'm going to stop moaning now before I drive all my reader(s) away. Finally, if anyone has any jobs going, please let me know.


katzumi said...

My eyes and ears shall be peeled and to the ground respectively (unless I'm drunk in which case God help me). Would you travel as far as Colchester for work? And btw, we must catch up over a drink sometime soon...

Hungry Teapot said...

I am living in Kelvedon right now, so Colchester is a perfectly acceptable location for work. Let me know if you hear anything.

alexthedunker said...

Hey Ben, sorry the hear of your financial woe's. I shall certainly keep my eyes out for jobs in your chosen line of work.. have you thought of sending a letter to Mcvitties.. their Jaffa cakes are good.. See u in Sheffield at the weekend??