Thursday, May 04, 2006

Spam War

For a few months, I've been using a part of a community called Blue Frog, the purpose of this community was to fight back against spammers. The way the software works is that every time you receive a piece of spam, you forward it to blue security, who analyse the e-mail and then go to the spammers website to 'request' that they don't send any more spam to their members. The company get fed up with receiving these messages and should comply with Blue Security's request.

The effort seems to be having an effect as one desperate spammer has been trying to fight back by sending out intimidating e-mails at random to try to catch people who may be using the Blue Frog software; he has informed members that he has cracked the Blue Frog lists, but this is a fallacy and he is simply using lists he already owns.

Today the Blue Security website has been brought down by a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack by the spammer (This involves using a network of computers to send random requests to their victims servers. The servers then get overwhelmed by requests and fail). I am hoping that they get their servers working again soon, so we can continue the fight against this pest.

The links in this article point to the temporary blog set up by Blue Security while they are working to get their servers working again. The original website is here, but it is currently just displaying an error message.

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