Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tenant No. 3 Welcome

Today we bid welcome to our third tenant here at the House of Tea and Biscuits. This weeks tenant is Aeowolf. It is another collection of eclectic posts about all kinds of topics, why not spare a few minutes to pay him a visit.

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Matthew Didier said...

Take it from an old hand... there's nothing you can do.

Sadly, most spammers work not out of North America or Europe, but China and whatnot meaning prosecution is impossible.

The only thing you can do is weather the storm, put in filters to delete the "bounced" mail, and hope they move on rapidly.

I own eight domains... and I delete well over 600 e-mails per day thanks to spammers either willy-nilly sending to anyone using those domains or, as has happened to you, using one of my domains as a "sender".

It sucks... and spamming should be BANNED globally.

Check out for info...

Oh, and don't forget... next "election time", talk to your politicians and ask why outright "spam banning" is never really on the table? Surely the "online marketing lobby" isn't that strong... are they?