Friday, August 11, 2006

I Quit

Ok, so the news is that I quit my job. Since I am no longer in their employ I can tell you the name of the hellhole where I worked. You've probably already guessed anyway, it was PC World.

I quit because I got shouted at for the umpteenth time for not following the correct protocol for 'encouraging' people to take out our useless cover plan when buying a computer.

The idea was that when you offered the customers the opportunity to part with their cash for our 'wonderful' extended warranty plan, they would probably refuse (The poor souls are probably deluded and don't know what's good for them!). At this point the sales advisor would offer them the first month for free (the cover plan is a pay monthly scheme). If they still refuse, the sales advisor is supposed to leave the customer to consult with the manager who will then offer the customer some 'amazing deal' (The deal was usually something like a free copy of Norton Internet Security or a laptop bag. Then we would basically repeat the process until they got angry. This, I am told is offering the customer 'exceptional' service.

My advice to anyone who finds themselves in the unfortunate situation of having to buy a computer at PC World is to keep refusing the cover plan until they offer you a load of free stuff, then take out the cover plan and cancel the direct debit the very next day. This way you will have paid nothing for the cover plan and got PC world to give you a bunch of stuff for nothing.

One other thing. If you ever buy a printer from PC World. DO NOT buy the USB cable there. They will fleece you for 14.99, you can go somewhere like Tesco and buy the same thing for about a fiver.


Margaret said...

"Suggestive Sale Approach" is terrible. Even for the customers. I can't even go to McDonalds for a hamburger and get attacked.

"Do you want fries with that?" "How about an Apple Pie?" "Something to drink?"

As a customer you start to feel like they are milking you like a cow. I don't blame you and indeed... it is terrible that they would give you so much slack over "knowing and relating to the customers so well that you knew when "not" to push."

You'll find a better employer. Like they say, when one door shuts another opens. Take care!

-Margie (sent via Dr. John)

Sue said...

Interesting, very interesting. Thanks for the advise. How many times have people tried to sell us things only to make the offer better and better each time we turn them down.

Dr. John sent me.

Kevin G Brown said...

I also hate those sales tactics, I try to avoid PC World like the plague.