Thursday, November 22, 2007

England 2-3 Croatia

Oh Dear, It's like 1994 all over again.

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Nick said...

I may be the only Englishman who considered that result to be a good thing (if only in the long term).

I think our players come across as arrogant primadonnas a lot of the time.

The best I ever saw the current crop of England players perform, was as time started to tick down when we were last beaten by Portugal. You could see the desperation and the hunger in the players - gone was the "we're England we deserve to be here" attitude and in it's place was the "we have to fight like lions if we want even only a chance at staying here".

We have on overdeveloped sense of sporting destiny and it makes us lazy and comlacent.

A bit of humble pie will do us good.

Our managers also have a very stupid "playground mentality when it comes to picking a side". If two otherwise excellent players can't play together strageically well, do what the continentals do. Use them interchangeably. But now we try and make square pegs fit in round holes.

Sorry, rant over. I just find it all exasperating. :-S