Monday, June 05, 2006

Do I really want to go back to Minnesota?

Here's a quote from the Minneapolis Star Tribune from the current Republican governor Tim Pawlenty; spouting those liberal views of his:

"I can tell you what your worst nightmare is. It's one of the big-spendin', tax-raisin', abortion-promotin', gay marriage-embracin', more welfare-without-accountability lovin', school reform-resistin', illegal immigration-supportin' Democrats for governor who think Hillary Clinton should be president of the United States."
He's just been re-nominated by the republican party to stand as governor again. I am truly hoping that he doesn't get back in. Minnesota used to be quite a liberal state, but it's now being taken over by the crazy evangelical right wing, just like the rest of America. Very Worrying!


Jon said...

What should be very worrying is that you actually want more liberals in charge of anything. But I guess you don't mind paying higher taxes and not have anything to show for it but more welfare and socialism. God help you in Minnesota if you get a Democrat as Governor.

Hungry Teapot said...

I rest my case!